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SaaStock Local Kyiv 4.0: From 2 founders to 100 employees

One of your tasks as a founder is to build an organizational culture. And it’s not about cookies, parties or branded t-shirts only. At some point, however, you’ll have to stop being the only driver and move to effective management, delegating processes to professional managers.

Let’s talk about scaling-up: building processes, leadership, hiring and growing middle / top management, motivation and delegation. We’ll review cases of Preply, Competera, PR.

With our experts we’ll discuss:
What in your corporate culture helps to grow leaders and makes your team independent. Ownership & motivation.
Understanding and developing your organizational culture.
Development inside and hiring outside. How to grow the C-level executives.
Which aspects keep employees loyal to the company (despite of career growth lack).

Alexandr Sazonov, Co-Founder & Partner Competera Pricing Platform, entrepreneur. Olexandr has started his career from offline business, but went online as soon as the internet finally entered all spheres of our lives. During the last 4 years, he was building teams, structuring processes and developing partners relations at Competera.

Kirill Bigai, Co-Founder & CEO Based in Barcelona, Kyiv, and Berlin, Preply is a global marketplace for online language tutoring that helps people to fulfill their life goals with the world’s best one-on-one online teachers. Trusted by thousands of learners and tutors from more than 150 countries, the Preply team is building the global leader in online tutoring space.

Галина Приходько, Change Agent of the corporate culture and business processes. Previously COO at Netpeak Group, Head of Product Marketing at Rademade, Product owner at, marketing manager at ITCG agency, among others Innovecs, boosta, etc. Her experience includes 12 years in marketing, 8 years of middle and top management, 7 years of product management.

Max Pecherskyi, CEO PromoRepublic, SaaStock Local City leader.

What is SaaStock?
SaaStock has been called ‘Disneyland for SaaS Companies’ and ‘The Best conference in Europe for SaaS Founders and Execs’. It is the largest event for SaaS companies in Europe. SaaStock brings together a high-value community of SaaS leaders and decision makers for your brand to get exposure to and generate new leads. It is also the place to be to meet your existing customers. The flagship event attracts 4,000+ attendees in Europe. In 2019, SaaStock is also launching a series of conferences to cover USA (East and West Coast), Asia, LatAm and Oceania.

Why SaaStock Local?

SaaStock Local is a global initiative that helps local SaaS leaders build and nurture their own ecosystem. SaaStock provides a platform that allows independent organizers to deliver regular, highly-focused events with SaaStock branding and support. The mission is to build the biggest SaaS community on the planet. This will help connect the dots more effectively, creating a bigger impact for all of the members, partners, founders, and investors who are passionate about SaaS. Local events provide networking opportunities and valuable content with a practical approach led by local industry experts and their guests.

19:00 – Doors open
19:30 – Guest speaker
20:00 – Discussion with experts
20:30 – Startup “Teardown”
21:00 – Networking with cocktails

Language: English.
Location: UNIT Core event hall, UNIT.City


Січ 15 2020


19:00 - 21:00


350-450 грн

Більше Інформації

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Київ, вул. Дорогожицька, 3


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